Lead Powder 99.9%
Time:2018-12-18 18:45

Lead Powder 99.9% Technical Data                                      
1. Properties:
Grey powder with drop form, easy to be oxidized in the moist air.
2. Application:
Widely used in manufacturing porous bronze bearings self-lubricated, structural parts of powder metallurgy, friction discs, sheathing boards of brakes, clutches, metal-graphite electric brushes, diamond grinding wheels, bronze filters, and also used as the additives of rubbers and plastics, and in the production of chemicals.

3. Standard Specification

Pb ≥ 99.9 Fe ≤ 0.005
Cu ≤ 0.01 As ≤ 0.001
Sb ≤ 0.005 Bi ≤ 0.005
Burned residue dealt with nitric acid ≤ 0.025
 According to your demands, we offer 100mesh, 200mesh, 300mesh, 400 mesh,500 mesh and so on.

4. Packing And Storage
Iron barrel or plastic bag package.
Carefully keep away from moist and damp. Store in dry and ventilating place.

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