Magnesium Powder 99.9%
Time:2018-12-18 18:42

Magnesium Powder 99.9% 
Supply Ability 200 Ton/Tons per Month
Packaging & Delivery25kg, 100kg, 500kg, 1000kg/Bag
Loading Port :Tianjin Port,China
Lead Time :Shipped in 10 days after payment
Cut Grade Metallic Magnesium Powder/Granule
1. Appearance of Mg Powder(Granules):
    A. Silver white granule shapes ,round shape and diamond shape.
    B. Without lump and sundried in finished products.
    C. Sizing scope: 20-200 mesh.

2. Specification of Mg Powder/Granules:
    A. 18-80 mesh(1.0mm-0.17mm),1.6-0.5mm for desulphurization in steel industry.
    B. 40-90mesh (0.425-0.17mm), 30-50mesh (0.6-0.3mm) for chemical industry.
    C. 100 mesh, 150 mesh, 200 mesh for ariation, aerospace, military industry.

3. Appearance: silver-gray spherical granules, with 0.5-1.6mm diameter (can be changed according to user's request )
Rests angle (IC): smaller than 26°
Density of relax stack:1.0g/cm3
Burning point: in average, not lower than 600 °C.
Burning-resistant time at high temperature: not less than 15---18 second at 1000°C
Production technology characteristic: machine-cutting processed, then sterilizing and coating processed

4. Specification:

Chemical Analysis of Magnesium Powder(%)
Fe Mn Cu Al Cl Si Ni Mg
≤0.0027 ≤0.017 ≤0.0011 ≤0.014 ≤0.0022 ≤0.011 ≤0.0003 ≥99.9

Magnesium powder can server as desulfurizer or cleaning agent for steel-making industry and casting of non-ferrous metals, and reducer for production of rare metal. In chemical industry, magnesium powder can be used in as dehydrant for organic compound or to directly make organic compound of magnesium. In recent years, magnesium powder has been mostly used in spaying, coating, anti-corrosion, polycrystalline silicon, and casting of metallurgical powder as well.

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